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They (a group of scientists somewhere) say it takes 10,000 hours to master something. I’ve been writing in my journal for the past 17 years, which means if I spent 1.6 hours every day I would’ve logged my 10,000 hours by now. I, however, have not spent that much time and therefore can not be scientifically considered a master at journaling. But since when do I care about science?! According to my journals, the only year I liked science was in 2008 because “Mr.Bliss let’s us watch Dead Poet’s Society all the time, he’s the best science teacher I’ve ever had!” So let’s forgo the label of expert, and just understand that with 17 years worth of journals I have A LOT to say. Listen to my weekly podcast as I interview musicians, comedians, artists, etc. with our old childhood diaries.


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Short story: read it and WEEP was already taken. Long story: I *beep* out sensitive information as we read from the diaries so it’s a play on words. Okay, I guess that wasn’t that long of a story.

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