A few weeks ago Hannah slid into my Instagram DMs with a journal entry of her own. It was so brilliant that I couldn’t help but invite her to record a full episode with me. We sat in our respective closets and recorded the first remote episode of Read It & Beep. (Making history, no biggie!) 

Hannah is one of the most prolific 8th grade writers I’ve been blessed to hear. She takes the listener through her struggles of wanting a boy to dump her so she can “boy shop” to wondering what life would be like if she was perfect. Hint: it involves picking up bits of exploded human flesh. 

You can listen to the episode on this page (click on the play button up top!) or on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play. While you’re at it, please leave a review. That helps me know how I’m doing and what I can improve. Thanks dear listener!

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