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Dear Diary,

Today I listened to the funniest podcast! The host interviews guest using their old childhood diaries. I’ve never related more to a podcast, especially when they started talking about 8th grade crushes. 


Featured episodes

ellee duke, singer/songwriter

After a delicious homemade breakfast, Ellee and I sat down to read some of her old song lyrics. We discuss her first kiss and my obsession with Freddie Highmore. Ellee thinks with your help we can get Freddie to ask me to Prom!

Stacey Harkey, Comedian

Sitting in his plant room, Stacey and I get down to business. We talk about his coming out, his obsession with Mambo #5, and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Stacey also reads a few fictional stories he wrote. 

Meghan bean,

Recorded an hour before I was due to catch a flight at the notorious LAX. Truthfully, it’s worth listening to because this episode almost caused me to miss my flight. Also because Meghan is proper funny!

Kirsten Helzer,
younger Sister

We snuck into our other sister’s room and read from one of her 26 diaries despite the cover warning us any unwanted readers would be stabbed. We thought it was worth the risk for you to listen!

What people are saying:

Alena never told me about her personal life so now I finally get to learn about her. Turns out she's actually funny!

Julie Helzer, mother

Had I known young Alena had a crush on me, I totally would've taken her to prom!

Freddie Highmore, actor